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Recently i've been quite amazed at future prospects of nanotechnology in all fields of life right from medical use to mitlitary use. This actually is a very interesting technology which can change the way we live in this world. It can make this world a better place. But right now i guess it's still in its infancy where many new things have to be explored and new ideas to be thought of. But the possibilities are limitless. It all depends how far the human imagination can go. So what does this term Nanotechnology mean. I'll try to explain from whatever little knowledge i have and things i've gathered by reading about it.

Nano is one billionth or 10-9. It is something that is very very small. Also it refers to a nanometre (nm). One nanometre is a millionth of a millimetre or about one eighty thousandth the width of a human hair.

This technology facilitates in fabricating components of extremely small size whose possiblities of using it in various fields is limiltless. This would change the face of the world in next 100 years. Basically people can build tiny machines which will be powerful. The components that will be used for building these tiny machines will be different depending on their usage like for building something like a Tiny Camera which can be injected into a human body we need materials that are soft and does not harm the human body.

Lots of companies are researching this technology for building new products like
1) A Tiny Capsule Camera which can be swallowed and pictures can be sent wirelessly.
2) Nanotechnology can be used in future to grow teeths that are fully decayed within minutes.
3) Tiny Robots that can be used to crush stones like Kidney Stone, Bladder Stones inside the human body.
4) Nano Batteries which can have shelf of 15 yrs if not used.
5) Creating Diamonds which will make it cheap and affordable.
6) Developing flexible flat panels for TV, Computer Display etc. that can be folded.
7) Developing powerful computers by designing small powerful chips. I hope someday my pocket pc would be as powerful as a supercomputer.
8) Concepts like Nano Factories where a machine as small as a printer would start producing a product in bulk like printers, mobile phones etc just like a printer prints a paper.

But right now this technology is the most debated one in the world as people are divided over its use vs misuse. The possibilites of misues are also endless but i guess every technology has its pros and cons. So its upto us to decide whether we need to go further and invest billions of dollars to bring a revolution for the betterment of mankind or to sit back fearing the dangers of this technology

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Note : While writing this article i have referred different websites and gathered knowledge about this technology. I'm not an expert in this field. The article has been written by me and has not been copied. Please do let me know of any copyright violations and the content will be removed.
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