Monday, August 14, 2006

Artificial Intelligence

For a long time i wanted to write something about Artificial Intelligence. It's one of my favorite subjects. So let’s see what AI (Artificial Intelligence) is all about. As the name suggests, Artificial Intelligence is about intelligence that is artificial in nature i.e. intelligence exhibited by a system other than human. And degree of intelligence will be compared with humans. It's been over 50 yrs since this term has been coined and billions invested to design a system that will be comparable to humans in terms of behavior & intelligence, but we have still to see such a system. So what is so fascinating about this. Well Imagine systems that can learn by themselves, those have the ability to think. We can create robots and train them to be doctors to perform surgeries or train them to help us in our daily chores at home. The possibilities are limitless.

Attempts have been made by companies to devise systems which can exhibit some of these traits like the Deep Blue super computer system designed by IBM for playing against the world chess champion Gary Kasparov. It had defeated the champion in few matches. This was one of the greatest advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence, because finally it was proved systems can be designed that can defeat humans. Also few other examples can be that of robots used in assembly plants. Though they do not exhibit height level of Artificial Intelligence but still they are worth talking about.

But majorly systems are being developed with limited ability of AI that is very specific to their business needs. This helps the organization to take better decisions.

The goal is to develop systems that can exhibit common sense. But as we all know, common sense is not so common, so this is one of the most challenging parts that researchers have to face while designing Artificially Intelligent systems.

And how exactly we can achieve Artificial Intelligence is by designing systems that are faster and writing intelligent programs that can take care of the human part i.e. learning, thinking. Even though the current systems available to us are fast enough, but we are in desperate need of writing intelligent programs. That is the biggest challenge. Programs that can emulate humans.

And again we have the world divided over pros and cons of building systems having intelligence of humans. Though the dangers of a system that can think by themselves is enormous, it would be a challenge to build systems without their dark side like we have.

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Note : While writing this article i have referred different websites and gathered knowledge about this technology. I'm not an expert in this field. The article has been written by me and has not been copied. Please do let me know of any copyright violations and the content will be removed.Images reffered from USA Today.


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